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Dear Steve,

I wanted to thank you so very much for taking such good care of my computer and me!  As you know, my computer was in need of much help.  Not only did you take care of all the problems but you went far out of your way to make sure that I wasn't inconvenienced in the least by coming to my home, more than once, supplying a loaner computer and being so incredibly easy and pleasant to deal with.

The bottom line is that I wish all my problems were so easily and pleasantly handled as those with you.  I would and do highly recommend you to anyone needing help with any computer related issue; from building, rebuilding, repairing and whatever else it is that you do!  I trust you to tell me what I need as well as what is and isn't worth doing. 

Thanks so very much for all your help and for being such a very pleasant person.


Martha Wurzel


Steve's The Best

He came out the day we called, in terrible weather and saved our business. Right before the weekend!!!!!

Geek Squad Stinks!

Thanks Again,

Sharon & Anthony & the UB TAN staff


Prompt response. Ongoing communication. Genuine interest in solving our problems.
Recognizable expertise.Willing to research on our behalf, and find services we needed without benefit to Comp-u-Cures, Inc.

Was outstanding service in every way. Thanks Steve!

Valley Industrial Products


Just knowing we can call your company and you come to the home makes life a little less hectic.

Your service is fast and reliable!!

Lori Kelleher


What we like most about your services is your promptness and courtesy !!

You're the best!!

Beth Diamond


Here's what we loved about your service:

•  You competence.
•  A call back after only ONE phone call.
•  Showing up “On Time”
•  Neat computer tools

You left with us having more knowledge & everything is functioning great. There is nothing your service could improve on.

Janet Mennona


"Professional, Prompt & efficient job gets done. Follows up on service call. Good "human" element. Steve speaks like a mentch."

Marshall D.


"A power surge blew out my computer as well as the external back up drive. My computer has all our business documents & accounting information, so I was frantic. Steve came right over and listened, understood, calmed me down and did everything fast. It was wonderful. We purchased a new computer. Steve took the old one, got all our data off of it and helped load it all onto the new machine. Now all is back to normal." "Steve had come over immediately. Service was performed very fast & perfect."

Diane Carrozza
Roadside collision


"What I liked most about your service was the prompt attention, quality of work and of course you come to our home".

Joan Dorr


"I love that you come to the home at our convenience. With three children & two jobs it was a real pleasure!" "You were so very helpful I couldn't think of anything you can do to improve your service."

Heleen Dreyer